How to send an email?
Here is a video for your reference:
OR you can choose to go through this text guide as well:
Firstly go to the "Campaigns" tab and click on "Create Campaign".
Choose the regular campaign option.
Select your preferred email/subscriber list and click on "Save & Next"
Now, you can give a name to your campaign, add an email subject line, and from name. Once done, click on "Save & Next"
Here you can either upload your own HTML template or create a new one. We will click on build froma layout draft.
We need to choose the first option (1 Coloumn).
Now, on this email editor screen you will see default text. You can select all CTRL+A, delete it and type your own content.
Once, you have added your own content, then click on "Save" button.
After this, you will be taken back to the previous screen. You can scroll down and click on next.
Once, you click "next" you will come to the schedule tab. You can schedule it for later or add the current time to send it immediately.
Click on "Save & Next" and confirm.
Voila! Your campaign will run at the scheduled time.
It generally takes around 5 mins for the campaign to start and once started, then emails are delivered based on your account reputation.
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